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1. Do Lawyers Make Better CEOs Than MBAs?

Aug 24, 2017 First, CEOs with legal expertise are effective at managing litigation risk by, in part, setting more risk-averse firm policies. Second, these … read more

2. Can lawyers become CEO’s at very reputable companies, or do they …

So far as the Companies Act, 1956 or 2013 are concerned, no provision prevents a lawyer from becoming a CEO of a company. However Bar Council of India Rules do … read more

3. Where the Fortune 500 CEOs Went to Law School

Jun 26, 2012 All 46 hold J.D.'s, and Michael I. Roth, of Interpublic Group (No. 358 on the Fortune list), is the only CEO to also have earned a legal … read more

4. 7 Reasons a Law Degree Makes You a Better CEO Candidate …

Apr 5, 2022 A Testimony to Your Determination · You Can Save the Company Money · Built-In Protection · Communication · An Asset to Startups · Negotiation Skills. read more

5. Where are all the Lawyer-CEOs? – GC Magazine

Why is it important for lawyers to aspire to become CEOs? Lawyers can do extremely well in business, so maybe it doesn't matter much that the top job is … read more

6. Lawyer CEOs

Jul 11, 2017 The results are also robust to the effect of CEO age and tenure with the firm. Moreover, legal training does not appear to be a proxy for … read more

7. From Law Degree to Executive Leadership

May 11, 2018 How do they begin their degree with this in mind? Kenneth Cutshaw, President & CEO of GCG, here discusses with Lawyer Monthly how to get … read more

8. Thinking Like A Lawyer Can Help You Be A Better Business Leader

Apr 20, 2022 Lawyers get a bad rap in the business world, but there are some legal concepts that I've found useful as the CEO of a growing business. read more

9. Transitioning from General Counsel to CEO – time to step up?

Oct 31, 2017 These days, the General Counsel's role is every bit as demanding as many law firm partners – and the financial rewards can be just as great. read more

10. How a Company Lawyer Become CEO of Mad Science | Entrepreneur

Mar 3, 2022 You didn't have much leadership experience when you became president. How did you prove you could bring the change needed for a large company? read more

11. How a Company Lawyer Become CEO of Mad Science | Entrepreneur…lawyer-become-ceo…/417847

Mar 3, 2022 You didn't have much leadership experience when you became president. How did you prove you could bring the change needed for a large company? read more

12. 11 Tips to Become a Great Law Firm CEO

Feb 17, 2023 In contrast with a non-law-firm CEO, a law firm CEO is not only an executive but also a lawyer. As such, the CEO of a law firm can make … read more

13. In-house legal careers: from lawyers to CEOs

Jan 14, 2022 How does a role in private practice, or in-house legal, prepare you for the challenges and experiences of being an entrepreneurial leader? read more

14. A Seat at the Head of the Table: From Lawyer to CEO? | ACC Docket

Jul 1, 2017 For lawyers in business roles, it can sometimes be difficult to … Finally, why do you think we don't see more lawyers becoming CEOs or as … read more

15. The Differences Between Being a Law Firm CEO and a Lawyer ……/differences-between-being-a-law-firm- ceo-and-a-lawyer

Jan 4, 2022 As a law firm CEO, you have the power to build an awesome team where you're surrounded by people you trust. That can. read more

16. How to Become a CEO: A Guide for Aspiring Students – Crimson …

Aug 3, 2021 This guide will pave the path for you to become a CEO from high school! … how to become a lawyer: study the right subjects. read more

17. Jay-Z’s former lawyer Jennifer Justice has career advice for women…/jay-zs-former-lawyer-jennifer-justice-has-career- advice-for-women.html

Dec 21, 2022 This CEO was Jay-Z's lawyer for 17 years—her best advice for women at work: 'Always try to … She realized she could become a music lawyer, … read more

18. Lawyers as CEOs – Mr.Legal law firm

Nov 26, 2020 Typically, lawyers who become CEOs are people who have law degrees, but abandoned the practice of law early on to pursue their ambitions in … read more

19. Becoming a hospital CEO — an overview with real-life examples

Discover how to become CEO of a hospital. … John Haupert, President and CEO of Atlanta's Grady Health System, can attest to this fact. At the end of 2019, … read more

20. Julie Sweet to Run Accenture, Adding a Woman to the Ranks of ……/julie-sweet-accenture-ceo.html

Jul 11, 2019 Julie Sweet will become the new chief executive of Accenture, … Ms. Sweet, a former lawyer who is currently Accenture's head of North … read more

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