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1. Can My Lawyer Appear in Court for Me?

Aug 14, 2020 Many people do not know criminal defense attorney can stand in for them at their court date. You may be able to save time by having a lawyer … read more

2. When Can a California Attorney Make an Appearance on My Behalf …

Sep 29, 2010 An attorney is authorized to appear on your behalf in any misdemeanor case, unless explicitly ordered otherwise by the Judge. For felony cases, … read more

3. Can My Attorney Go To Court On My Behalf? Or Do I Need To Be …

May 15, 2019 When charged with a crime, you may have to attend several different hearings or a trial. Your attorney may be able to attend on your behalf … read more

4. Do I Have to Appear in Court or Can My Attorney Appear for Me?

Jul 10, 2017 If you are a perpetrator of a misdemeanor, your attorney is allowed to appear in court for you. He/she may defend your rights without your … read more

5. Can My Criminal Defense Attorney Appear in Court on My Behalf …

Aug 12, 2020 Hire a lawyer to appear in court on their behalf. Either way, the defendant is waiving their right to appear at a court hearing by (a) paying … read more

6. 3. Find out if you can send someone to court on your behalf – Steps …

Nov 20, 2017 The designation allows your lawyer to appear in court without you and speak on your behalf as if you were there. If your lawyer “appears by … read more

7. Your arraignment or first appearance in court |

Get information on talking to your lawyer and the prosecutor, … out loud and either the clerk will enter a not guilty plea on your behalf or the clerk may … read more

8. Can a Lawyer Appear in Court on My Behalf in New Orleans?

Mar 29, 2019 If you are entering a guilty plea, you may or may not be permitted to have an attorney appear on your behalf. This decision will be made at … read more

9. Can your lawyer appear on behalf of you for a court date? – Quora

In a civil case, an attorney can appear without a client. However if the appearance is for a hearing or trial at which the client's testimony is necessary, the … read more

10. Traffic Violations | North Carolina Judicial Branch

In some cases, an attorney can appear on your behalf without the need for you to appear in court personally. How will my ticket affect my driver's license? read more

11. SC-109 Authorization to Appear on Behalf of Party (Small Claims)

You cannot appear for a defendant or plaintiff if your only job is to represent him or her in small claims court. If you are a lawyer, you can appear only … read more

12. Who Can Appear on Behalf of a Party in Small Claims Court? | UNC ……/who-can-appear-behalf-party-small-claims-court

Mar 17, 2017 Let's see if we can find a calm, clear space in that jungle! … provides that the complaint must be signed “by the party or his attorney, … read more

13. Administrative Traffic Court | North Carolina Judicial Branch…/administrative-traffic-court

You may appear in person or retain a lawyer to appear on your behalf. Please be aware that this is not a trial court. The officer who issued the citation will … read more

14. Comment on Rule 5.5: Unauthorized Practice of Law ……/comment_on_rule_5_5_unauthorized_ practice_of_law_multijurisdictional_practice_of_law/

Under paragraph (c)(2), a lawyer does not violate this Rule when the lawyer appears before a tribunal or agency pursuant to such authority. To the extent that a … read more

15. Other Options for Resolving Your Dispute | Georgia Consumer ……your…/other-options-resolving-your-dispute

An attorney can help explain your rights under the law, draft legal documents on your behalf, file a lawsuit, prepare a case for trial and represent you in a … read more

16. Retaining A Foreign Attorney…/Retaining-Foreign-Attorney.html

Jul 31, 2020 Department of State personnel, including its attorneys, do not … any other legal professionals that he or she engages on your behalf. read more

17. California Rules of Court: Title Nine Rules…42

(2) Appear on behalf of the client in depositions, provided that the certified law student: (A) Obtains the approval of the supervising attorney to engage … read more

18. My lawyer/family member can attend on my second hearing on my ……/my-lawyer-family-member-can-attend-on-my- second-hearing-on-my-behalf

The lawyer an attend on your behalf but only if he is authorised by you by signing a have to state grounds for not attending the court and if … read more

19. Publication 947 (02/2018), Practice Before the IRS and Power of …

Feb 27, 2018 Appraisers have no representation rights but may appear as witnesses on behalf of taxpayers. Attorneys. Any attorney who is not currently under … read more

20. The “Arraignment Hearing” in Criminal Cases – What to Expect

Can my lawyer appear on my behalf? 6. What happens if I fail to appear? 7. What should I bring to the hearing? 8. When do I enter a plea? 9. Will the judge … read more

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