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1. JOHNNY DEPP Surprising VOCAL PERFORMANCE of “Isolation …

Sep 21, 2022 Get ready for an unforgettable performance as Jonny Depp takes on the John Lennon classic … Will Depp's singing impress or disappoint? read more

2. Can Johnny Depp sing? Musical background explored ahead of …

Jun 10, 2022 Johnny Depp made guest appearances in his friends' bands and provided music for most of his movies. It started with 2000's Chocolat where he … read more

3. Cry-Baby | Johnny Depp Sings “Please, Mr. Jailer” – YouTube

Apr 4, 2020 Johnny Depp is a rockabilly heartthrob in John Waters' musical Cry-Baby. Please, Mr. Jailer, watch … Your browser can't play this video. read more

4. Sweeney Todd – Johnny Depp – Music – The New York Times

Jan 12, 2008 Depp, who is nominated for a Golden Globe for best actor in a comedy or musical, takes a film actor's approach to singing. His voice does not … read more

5. Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck release album ’18’ in wake of Amber …

Jul 16, 2022 Depp sings and plays guitar on the 13-track album, 18, which mainly features covers. There are renditions of Marvin Gaye's What's Going On, John … read more

6. ‘I won’t believe humans any more’: Johnny Depp releases self …

Jun 9, 2022 Johnny Depp has released a new self-penned song performed with Jeff … I can't believe, I won't believe humans any more,” Depp sings in the … read more

7. Johnny Depp shares glimpse inside stunning home in LA as he …

Jun 15, 2020 Johnny Depp isn't just good at acting – but he has an incredible singing voice too! The Pirates of the Caribbean star took to Instagram … read more

8. See Johnny Depp Sing David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ With Hollywood …

Jun 7, 2019 See Johnny Depp sing David Bowie's "Heroes" with his supergroup, Hollywood Vampires. read more

9. Johnny Depp Sings About Jesus Getting Drunk, Angers Christians …

Dec 6, 2011 Focus on the Family condemned the song to the U.K. paper The Daily Star; the Christian Coalition said Depp and his band mates "will burn in hell … read more

10. Emily Blunt defends Johnny Depp’s singing ability in Into the Woods ……/emily-blunt-johnny-depp-singing-into-the-woods/

Sep 30, 2015 “I think most of us felt in the same position — that we were actors who could kind of sing,” she said. Doubters notwithstanding, Depp hasn't … read more

11. Did Johnny Depp Actually Sing In Cry-Baby?

Jul 11, 2022 Johnny Depp did a great job singing and performing in Sweeney Todd, one of his most underrated films to date. While Cry-Baby is solid to this … read more

12. Can Johnny Depp Sing? Tim Burton Says Yes | Nonesuch Records…/can-johnny-depp-sing-tim-burton-says-yes

About Sweeney, AP asks "the season's big musical question: Can Johnny Depp sing?" And director Tim Burton replies with a resounding "yes": "He's a very … read more

13. ‘Into the Woods’: Johnny Depp Sings ‘Hello, Little Girl’, How Disney ……/woods-johnny-depp-sings-hello- 760348/

Dec 25, 2014 “You can play it so many ways, so just don't play it that way!” she laughed. “We kind of staged it as maybe that creepy guy who's like, 'Hey, … read more

14. Alice Cooper: Hollywood Vampires album driven by Johnny Depp’s ……/05/…johnny-depp…/1134307001/

May 10, 2019 Alice Cooper says Johnny Depp's pent-up frustration over recent … Bowie's "Heroes," with Perry singing Johnny Thunders' "You Can't Put … read more

15. Johnny Depp’s Singing Steals The Bloody Show In Musical ……/johnny-depps-singing-steals-the-bloody-show-in- musical-sweeney-todd

Nov 15, 2007 As for the biggest question of the day — can Depp sing? — the answer, at least judging by these scenes, is a resounding yes. Much in the way … read more

16. Review: Depp in ‘Sweeney Todd’ nails revenge, but he can’t sing…/Review-Depp-in-Sweeney-Todd-nails-revenge-but -3299330.php

Dec 21, 2007 Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: Musical melodrama. Starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. Directed by Tim Burton. read more

17. Hear Johnny Depp Sing! | Movies | Empire

… images and posters from Sweeney Todd recently, but there's one thing we haven't really been given a sense of: whether or not Johnny Depp can sing. read more

18. Johnny Depp Worried About Singing in Into the Woods – E! Online…/johnny-depp-in-into-the-woods-a-dream-come- true-but-worries-about-his-singing

Jun 28, 2013 Johnny Depp can't wait to play The Wolf in the movie adaptation of Stephen Sondheim's Tony award winning musical Into the Woods. read more

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