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1. I Have No Money, How Can I Hire an Attorney? –

You can also contact local bar associations, pro bono clinics, legal aid societies, and even law libraries to get more information about free and reduced rate … read more

2. How to Find Legal Help When You Can’t Afford a Lawyer | Personal …

Jul 27, 2023 How to Find Free Legal Help · Contact the city courthouse. · Seek free lawyer consultations. · Look to legal aid societies. · Visit a law school. read more

3. How Do you Pay for a Lawyer with No Money? Help! – Loanry

Feb 9, 2019 If you qualify for legal aid, then you truly can get a lawyer for no money. You could go to a nonprofit organization or a law school for free … read more

4. 4 Ways to Hire a Lawyer When You Have Low Income – wikiHow

Lawyers willing to work for free, or "pro bono," are matched with people who qualify for free legal advice. There are also nonprofits dedicated to providing pro … read more

5. Legal Aid and other Low-Cost Legal Help | | Find free …

If you cannot afford a lawyer, legal aid may be able to help you. … Civil legal aid does not handle cases for money damages such as medical malpractice, … read more

6. Pro Bono Lawyers: Where to Find One and How to Work With Them …

Oct 21, 2022 Please note, there is no guarantee that by going to a legal clinic, you will get a pro bono lawyer. It is simply the way some organizations … read more

7. Can’t Afford a Lawyer? – State Bar of Texas

Through the Lawyer Referral Information Service, a person may have a thirty-minute consultation with an attorney for $20. At the end of the consultation, … read more

8. Get free or low-cost legal help | California Courts | Self Help Guide

There are a number of resources that may be able to help you with free and low-cost legal help. Free and low-cost legal help. Court-based self-help services. read more

9. Find a Lawyer

Your responses to this survey will help us make improvements to the website. … The survey is short and should take you no longer than 5 minutes. read more

10. How to Pay for a Lawyer With No Money: 3 Resources

Jun 28, 2021 Another alternative to finding free legal help or a pro bono lawyer is raising money for legal fees. You can do this easily using crowdfunding, … read more

11. How to get a divorce with no money | Legalzoom

Divorce can be expensive. Even if you plan on representing yourself, the court divorce fees alone can cost several hundred dollars. You may be wondering how … read more

12. How to make a will without a lawyer: A step-by-step guide

Dec 1, 2021 Many people think making a will is a complicated process that requires the help of an attorney. However, if you have a simple estate plan, … read more

13. Free Legal Help…/flh-free-legal-help/

Legal Aid. Federally funded legal services offices provide lawyers who are experts in helping low-income people with legal problems. · Pro Bono. Pro bono … read more

14. Divorce: Do I need a lawyer? What if I can’t afford one ……/do-i-need-lawyer-what-if-i-cant-afford-one

Jul 7, 2023 The money would be paid during the divorce (not at the end) to your attorney directly.2 This law also applies to a court case you may have to … read more

15. Finding a lawyer | Ohio Legal Help

Learn how to find a lawyer through legal aid, pro bono or lawyer referral … However, finding and paying a lawyer can seem overwhelming or impossible. read more

16. Find a lawyer and affordable legal aid | USAGov

Jun 1, 2023 Legal Services Corporation (LSC) – Find legal aid in your community for people with low incomes. · – Find free legal aid near you and … read more

17. Legal Aid – Florida Courts…/Legal-Aid

Jun 19, 2023 If you have a civil legal problem but cannot afford to hire a private lawyer, you still may have access to the legal system through your … read more

18. How to Pay For A Lawyer With No Money? | Gomez Trial Attorneys…/how-to-pay-for-lawyer-with-no-money/

Jan 25, 2022 Most personal injury attorneys do not charge for first-time consultations. Many advertise that they offer free consultations to clients … read more

19. Representing Yourself – getting_started_selfhelp

But in civil cases, you do not have the right to a court-appointed lawyer so, … realize a case is or could be complicated without talking to a lawyer). read more

20. Free General Legal Assistance – Legal Assistance Organizations ……/general-legal-assistance

May 8, 2023 This website allows you to ask a lawyer a legal question in writing. You will receive an e-mail when an attorney has answered your question. read more

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