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1. Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAG) |

What training do Army lawyers need to complete? … As a Judge Advocate, you won't participate in the Basic Training that enlisted Soldiers complete. Instead, you … read more

2. Benefits and Considerations About Becoming a Military Attorney

Attorneys must be in good physical condition and under the age of 42 at the time of commissioning to join Army or Navy, under 40 to join the Coast Guard, under … read more

3. Navy Lawyers – Direct Appointment Program | U.S. Navy JAG Corps

The following address should ONLY be used for letterhead: Office of the Judge Advocate General: Special Assistant for Accessions: Military Personnel (Code 61) … read more

4. Lawyers | Careers in the Military

Dec 9, 2022 A military lawyer's job is similar to a civilian lawyer in their day-to-day duties. Representing clientele under jurisdiction of military … read more

5. JAG Entry Programs for Licensed Attorneys – U.S. Air Force

… personally and professionally, a JAG career will re-inspire your love of the law. … see the world and become the lawyer you've always wanted to be. read more

6. Army funds law school for eligible officers | Article | The United …

Aug 21, 2018 The Judge Advocate General's Corps is looking for highly qualified officers from all branches to join the JAG Corps. And the Army is willing … read more

7. How to Become a Military Lawyer? – The Complete Guide

Apr 3, 2023 Although there are no specific requirements on majors or classes, most to-be military lawyers opt for a liberal arts degree that covers a solid … read more

8. Free Military Legal Assistance |

Jul 8, 2022 If you need to write your will, are considering signing a lease, or need a power of attorney or notarized signature then you need legal … read more

9. How to Become a JAG Lawyer: 15 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow

Becoming a military attorney combines two careers. … will have the opportunity to join the military as a commissioned officer or you can choose to take … read more

10. Should You Hire a Lawyer to File a VA Disability Claim? |…/should-you-hire-lawyer-file- va-disability-claim.html

Oct 21, 2022 You may have heard horror stories about veterans just like yourself having problems getting benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs … read more

11. Do You Want to Be a Lawyer in the Military? 4039991

Feb 6, 2019 How Does One Join the JAG Corps? There are two main paths lawyers may take to join the JAG Corps. The first is for law students to apply to … read more

12. Can You Join The Military With A DUI?…/can-you-join-the-military-with-a-dui /

Apr 21, 2022 Joining the military if you have a DUI on your record may be challenging, … With assistance from a Scottsdale DUI lawyer, you can take … read more

13. Join Coast Guard JAG

Coast Guard Direct Commission Lawyers (DCLs) are commissioned officers and licensed attorneys qualified to represent the Coast Guard and its members in military … read more

14. How To Apply For A Discharge Upgrade | Veterans Affairs

All branches of the military consider you to have a strong case for a discharge upgrade if you can show your discharge was connected to any of these … read more

15. Are You Allowed to Join the Military After a DUI? | Simmrin Law Group…/are-you-allowed-to-join-the-military- after-a-dui/

Joining the military after a DUI can be very difficult, but can be possible. … a criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles as soon as you are arrested. read more

16. Judge Advocate General FAQs | University of Virginia School of Law

Are there age restrictions on when I can join? 1. Where can I find out more information about each armed service branch JAG program? Air Force · Army · Coast … read more

17. Can You Join the Military with a Criminal Record? – Joseph L ……/can-you-join-the-military-with-a-criminal -record/

Are you interested in joining the military? … The military will never waive certain crimes. … Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law, can help. read more

18. Can I Still Join the Military with a DUI?…/can-you-join-the-military-with-a- dui/

The best way to do this is to consult with an attorney as soon as possible. Why Doesn't the Military Accept Recruits with a DUI Conviction? There are several … read more

19. Complete Guide to Moral Conduct Waivers in the Army waivers-in-the-army/

Apr 21, 2021 If you are serious about joining the Army, you should seriously consider hiring an experienced moral conduct waiver lawyer to draft a waiver … read more

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