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1. Can I still be a lawyer even if I have tattoos? |

Jun 14, 2013 You can still be a lawyer with tattoos. There is absolutely no prohibition against lawyers having tattoos. In fact, I personally know of a … read more

2. Tattoos and law : r/LawSchool

Tattoos and law
by u/zoefit in LawSchool

Sep 25, 2015 You should maintain your ability to cover your tattoos up when necessary. I've worked in conservative big law (not as an attorney at the time, I … read more

3. Can Lawyers Have Tattoos? – An In-Depth Look –

Lawyers should have tattoos anywhere that can easily be covered up by clothing. Meaning, they should avoid getting tattoos on their face, neck, or hands if they … read more

4. Do Tattoos Have A Place In The Modern Legal Profession?

Jul 22, 2022 There is, unquestionably, a demographic that still believes there is no place for tattoos in the legal profession, and anyone with visible … read more

5. Can a lawyer have a visible tattoo? – 7Sage Forum

to tattoo or to not tattoo is not a simple answer. you can have tattoos in virtually any profession. unfortunately, due to gendered standards of … read more

6. I’m planning to be a lawyer in New York, is it a bad idea to get tattoos …

I would not advise an aspiring lawyer to get visible tattoos. Visible tattoos fall into the general category of “things that will damage your credibility … read more

7. Can Lawyers & Attorneys Have Tattoos in 2023? (It Depends)

Oct 24, 2022 Can Lawyers Have Tattoos? … Most importantly, there's no law prohibiting lawyers from having tattoos. In fact, there are no laws regulating … read more

8. Is a lawyer allowed to have tattoos? – Quora

Yes. Though they should probably listen to Brian Setzer (who knows a thing or two about getting drawn on), and not get them where a judge can see … read more

9. Can Lawyers Have Tattoos On Their Hands? – Simply Law Zone

Mar 3, 2022 Lawyers should put tattoos anywhere that are easily covered by clothes. Therefore, you need to avoid having tattoos on your hands, neck, or face … read more

10. Should lawyers get inked? – Nationaljurist

Lawyers are not, say, lifeguards. They don't expose a lot of skin. And just about all of the advice we saw on the internet said lawyers can definitely rock a … read more

11. “Can Lawyers Have Tattoos?” And Other Conduct Conundrums …

Aug 2, 2022 Can a lawyer have a tattoo or body piercings? Once again: A firm “maybe”. Certainly there is no “law” or even a Rule of Professional Conduct … read more

12. What Happens When the Tattoo Generation Goes to Law School ……/what-happens-when-the-tattoo-generation-goes- to-law-school/

It will not however, completely disqualify you from ever having a job as a lawyer. Anthony Mysano February 10, 2019 Reply. The tattooed … read more

13. I have a tattoo on my wrist and I’ve always planne… | Fishbowl…/i-have-a-tattoo-on-my-wrist-and-ive-always- planned-on-going-into-law-has-anyone-experienced-any-negative-situation…

Feb 16, 2020 A small wrist tattoo that you can cover with jewelry is no problem in the vast majority of firms although some lawyers in more conservative … read more

14. Can lawyers have a tattoo? XD – The Student Room

The view of your employer (or Chambers, if you're a barrister) is important as well, because you are representing their brand in the work that you do. You might … read more

15. I have a tattoo on my foot that I got before I dec… | Fishbowl…/i-have-a-tattoo-on-my-foot-that-i-got-before -i-decided-to-be-a-lawyer-anyone-else-have-hardtocover-tattoos-how-do-y…

Jan 26, 2020 Anyone else have hard-to-cover tattoos? … an Associate Attorney 1 … Also have a foot tattoo that can't be covered and another on my … read more

16. Is It OK for Lawyers to Have Tattoos, Piercings? – FindLaw…/is-it-ok-for-lawyers-to-have-tattoos-piercings/

Mar 11, 2015 Tattoos: As Long as They're Not Visible, Who Cares? Most tattoos, unlike facial piercings, are in places that can be covered up if necessary. As … read more

17. Fitting in without selling out – Canadian Bar Association…Link/…Lawyers/…/fitting

Jan 30, 2017 Distinctive clothing and piercings/tattoos are just the visual elements that can make young lawyers stand out. Their attitudes to interpersonal … read more

18. We asked a lawyer if you should cover up your tattoos to get a job

May 17, 2016 If I was an intern for your law firm, would I have to cover my tattoos for an internship? · Would you feel the same about hiring a lawyer that … read more

19. A Lawyer Explains Who Really Owns Your Tattoos…/a-lawyer-explains-who-really-owns-your-tattoos

Oct 11, 2017 So what rights does a tattoo artist have to the ink on a client's skin? My opinion as a lawyer, and where I think courts would come out on a … read more

20. Is Firing an Employee for Tattoos Discrimination? – Employment ……/is-firing-an-employee-for-tattoos-discrimination/

Mar 11, 2022 Whether you can fire an employee because of their tattoos will depend on … and whether the employee's tattoos have religious significance. read more

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