interiors · October 19, 2021 0

Cabinets And Drawers Under The Stairs Add Much Needed Storage Space To This Small Apartment

Under stair cabinets and drawers were added to create storage in a micro-loft.

Storage is an essential element to any home, however, when living in a small apartment it’s even more important as there’s never enough.

When designing this micro-loft apartment in New York, firm Specht Harpman took advantage of the empty space under the stairs to include a variety of built-in cabinets.

Stairs with built-in storage in the form of cabinets and drawers.

The under-stair storage cabinets are in a variety of sizes, from tall and slim, to triangular and pull-out drawers. Each has a different use and allows for a clutter-free interior.

Built-in cabinets and drawers under these stairs add much needed storage to a small apartment.

Photography: Taggart Sorensen | Architect: Specht Harpman

Under stair storage cabinets in a variety of sizes.