Zen garden, aka the typical temple garden in Japan, is currently trending. Not only at home, but the Japanese garden concept is also widely applied in offices, hotels, and even public places. The beautiful and cool impression that arises with the existence of Zen Garden makes this park a lot of people coveted to apply in their residential homes. With the components of water, stones, and grass you can create your own modern Japanese garden in your minimalist home.

Zen garden is a representation of the natural world, where ponds or streams are often replaced with rock formations, white sand, moss, and trees that are pruned, wilderness tamed, restructured. Arrangements containing light sand and stones are also quite common, without water or plants. Rocks form mountains where various other rocks represent the island, water is presented in the form of sand or gravel and to further advance the garden sculpture component can be swept or opened.

Zen Garden is an interesting and very spiritual aspect of the Japanese gardening tradition. A typical Zen garden consists of a kind of closed and shallow sandbox that displays most of the sand or gravel with rocks of various shapes and sizes. Rocks and sand (or gravel) are the main elements of the park, which generally creates views of the islands in the sea.

Best And Awesome Zen Garden Design Ideas To Inspire You
Best And Awesome Zen Garden Design Ideas To Inspire You

Sand or gravel in the Zen garden represents the sea or the sea and is used as a substitute for water. This will be swept carefully by monks who tend to create the impression of waves on the surface of a body of water. The rock itself represents an island or rock formation that protrudes out of the water. The overall goal is to create small-scale recreation from aerial views or cliff tops from intricate coastal views.

Zen garden will really make you relax and reflect a little. Such a place is very quiet and you can easily design it in your own garden just by being aware of a few features. A pond with a dagger, a large sand and stone garden, moss, and lots of green will help you create an atmosphere. Add wooden bridges, gravel areas, water lilies, classic Japanese lanterns, fountains, a few lights and voila – your inspirational and philosophical space is ready! Take a look at a few examples of zen garden designs below and get inspired!

Neat Zen Garden in a Pot

Miniature Zen Garden, or mini pot Zen garden, is a Japanese stone garden table version. With basic tools such as containers, sweeping, and sand, the miniature Zen garden can provide a quiet place for meditation and contemplation, introducing calm and silence into the busy daily life of your home or office. The process of building it, combining different Zen elements and sweeping the sand provides a relaxing experience.

Zen garden Design ideas
Zen garden design ideas – Source: decoredo.com

Zen Garden Ideas With Unique Fountain

Zen garden fountains have evolved with many designs to suit the tastes of different planters. No doubt, the fountain will definitely compliment the space accent that you plan carefully and turn it into more attractive for the visiting wild animals. For enthusiastic Japanese garden lovers, so too, here is a list of the amazing zen fountains for outdoor landscaping.

Zen Garden Design With Fountain
Zen Garden Design With Fountain – Source: eucroatiaholidays.com

If you want to turn your backyard, or front yard into a quiet zen garden, look at some beautiful ideas for you.