Travel · October 21, 2021 0

Baronette Renaissance Hotel Lobby by d-ash design

David Ashen of d-ash has completed the interior design of the lobby for the new Baronette Renaissance Hotel in the Detroit suburb of Novi, Michigan.

Baronette Renaissance Hotel Lobby by d-ash design


The Baronette Renaissance Hotel lounge designed by d-ash design is the leading representation of the Renaissance brand's new lifestyle directive. Taking on the feel of a modern day lake retreat, Ashen's transformation of the public spaces of the hotel into the new Renaissance Lounge is inspired by American 20th century modernism.  The hearth – an exceptional glass sculpture cast out of 30' high glass – is the focal area of the grand lobby. Different areas for gathering radiate from the structure and create a number of opportunities for small groups or for individuals to work and reflect. Stone was reinterpreted as glass, creating a cascading and reflective wall. All materials are expressed true to their nature – steel, glass, wood working harmoniously together with the aim of redefining modernists' traditions.

Windows line either side of the lounge while the , curated by Paige Powell, add dynamism to the space by featuring the strong creative energy that has emerged from the Detroit area during this not so bright time in this region's history. The artists chosen demonstrate that sometimes the most interesting artistic expressions emerges from the most difficult of times.