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1. The Myth of the “Nonrefundable” Lawyer Fee | North Carolina State …

In short, within the parameters of the Rules of Professional Conduct there is no such thing as a “nonrefundable fee,” so lawyers must not purport to collect one … read more

2. When is a Flat Fee Refundable? –

Jun 27, 2012 A lawyer must refund any advance payment of a fee that has not yet been earned because the work has not yet been done, irrespective of … read more

3. Consumer Pamphlet: Attorneys’ Fees – The Florida Bar

A lawyer should refund to the client the remainder of any advances on fees or costs not used by the lawyer for the case. Your lawyer will deposit advances on … read more

4. Refund for Unearned Legal Fees | LegalMatch

Jul 15, 2022 The good news is that attorneys are required to refund any unearned legal fees. Every state bar association has enacted its own rules of … read more

5. Lawyer may not characterize a fee as non-refundable or use other …

A lawyer may not characterize a fee as non-refundable or use other language in a fee agreement that suggests that any fee paid before services are rendered is … read more

6. What to Expect Regarding Fees and Billing

If the fee agreement is a nonrefundable retainer agreement, you may not be able to get your money back, even if the lawyer does not handle your case or complete … read more

7. Formal Opinion 128 nonrefundable fees – amended 2018

The first example is the domestic relations case where the client pays a flat fee or makes an advance deposit on fees against which the attorney will bill on an … read more

8. Rule 1.5 Fees for Legal Services (Rule Approved by the Supreme …

[3] When a lawyer-client relationship terminates, the lawyer must refund the unearned portion of a fee. (See rule 1.16(e)(2).) Division of Fee. [4] A division … read more

9. Opinion 431

DR 2-110 requires an attorney to refund any unearned portion of a fee that has been paid in advance when the attorney withdraws from the case, regardless of … read more

10. When Is A Retainer Truly Non-Refundable?

hether an attorney may consider an advance fee to be non-refundable … of utilizing written fee agreements that clearly spell out the terms of their fees. read more

11. Are attorney’s fees paid by a client in the State of Florida refundable ……/attorneys-fees-paid-client-refundable-have-been -upon-manuel

Jul 18, 2017 Non-Refundable Fee A fee that lawyer and client have clearly agreed (preferably in writing) is nonrefundable should be considered earned by the … read more

12. Non-Refundable Fees? Back in 1984, Mel Hirshman wrote in this ……/docs/…/barjournalart4.pdf

The words "non-refundable" or "earned upon receipt" appear all too often in those fee agreements. A fee for the purpose of ensuring the attorney's. read more

13. No refund of lawyer’s fees upon commencement of work – Legal ……/no-refund-of-lawyers-fees-upon- commencement-of-work-2/

Feb 18, 2020 Nevertheless, the lawyer is authorised to retain the fees as agreed upon between the parties under the said agreement. Legal services offered by … read more

14. ca-1108.pdf

Attorney's Fees (Fees must be reduced by the percentage(s) entered on … equivalent to a reasonable attorney's fee proportionate to the refund to the … read more

15. What is a Retainer Fee for a Divorce Lawyer – Skyview Law

Apr 2, 2020 Are attorney retainer fees refundable? The retainer fee may or may not be refundable, though sometimes a court can rule that a … read more

16. 250 – The Mississippi Bar…/250/

FEES: Non-refundable retainers are prohibited to the extent the fee is not reasonable. The Ethics Committee of The Mississippi Bar has been asked to render … read more

17. Fees and Expenses…lawyer/fees_and_expenses/

Dec 3, 2020 Lawyers are ethically obligated to charge only "reasonable"—and not … No refund is due if the work takes less time than expected and no … read more

18. How to Get a Retainer Back from Your Lawyer – Legal Hearsay

Jun 12, 2023 In most cases, retainers are refundable if the attorney does not use all the funds for the agreed-upon services. · In most cases, a general … read more

19. Rental Application Fees | Texas Law Help

Jan 2, 2023 How long the landlord has to refund the deposit if the application is rejected; The unit number of the apartment you are seeking to lease; The … read more

20. That Retainer, it’s Almost Certainly Refundable – The Bar …

Feb 22, 2018 Here's the kicker—only the true retainer is non-refundable. Unearned funds from either a security or advanced payment retainer must be refunded … read more

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