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1. Are Lawyer Consultations Confidential? | Barkemeyer Law Firm

Nov 10, 2021 While attorney client information is confidential, you need to trust your instincts and be able to have an honest conversation that you feel … read more

2. Does the attorney-client privilege apply if you haven’t hired the …

In general, as long as the prospective client is seeking legal advice or representation and reasonably believes the communication will be confidential, the … read more

3. Risks in Informal Consultations | Attorneys Advantage

If a person reasonably believes that a lawyer is providing legal advice, or if the lawyer possesses confidential information from a person seeking legal … read more

4. About Your Initial Consultation |

May 31, 2022 Is a Consultation With a Lawyer Confidential? Yes. A lawyer is professionally obligated to not disclose any details from your legal consultation … read more

5. Rule 1.18 Duties To Prospective Client – Comment

Aug 16, 2018 A lawyer's consultations with a prospective client usually are limited in time and depth and leave both the prospective client and the … read more

6. CAL 2021-205 Duties to Prospective Client

When the interviewing lawyer has received material confidentialconsultations so that a prospective client may not simply disclose information in an … read more

7. Are Free Consultations Really Confidential in Illinois? | Chicago …

Rest assured that even though this is an initial consultation, the information you share with an attorney is confidential. This remains true even if the … read more

8. Is the free consultation and any preliminary communication …

Attorneys, as well as their staff, are governed by the duty of confidentiality and the attorney-client privilege. This applies to the initial consultations … read more

9. Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 1.18: Duties to prospective …

Oct 1, 2022 [5] A lawyer may condition a consultation with a prospective client on the person's informed consent that no confidential information disclosed … read more

10. Florida Attorney-Client Privilege | Jacksonville Probate Lawyers

A Florida lawyer's duty of confidentiality also survives the client, so it applies to the … Contact Us to see if you qualify for a Free Consultation. read more

11. I CLIENT-LAWYER RELATIONSHIP 1.05 Confidentiality of Information…rules…/confidentiality-of-information/

(2) Use confidential information of a client to the disadvantage of the client unless the client consents after consultations. read more

12. CONFIDENTIALITY OF ATTORNEY-CLIENT CONSULTATIONS IN ……/confidentiality-attorney-client-consultations-prison- setting

CONFIDENTIALITY OF ATTORNEY-CLIENT CONSULTATIONS IN THE PRISON SETTING · NCJ Number. 43574 · Journal. New England Journal on Prison Law Volume: 3 Issue: 2 Dated: … read more

13. Attorney-Client Privilege | Legal Affairs

It protects only the content of the communications during that consultation. For example, the privilege would not protect the fact that a vice president met … read more

14. Rule 1.05 Confidentiality of Information

(2) When the client consents after consultation. … The ethical obligation of the lawyer to protect the confidential information of the client not only … read more

15. What is a Free Consultation? Michigan Criminal Defense Attorneys

Mar 20, 2018 A Free Consultation with a Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney. … you say to a lawyer during the consultation is strictly confidential. read more

16. Legal & Financial Services | A.S. | SDSU

Free Confidential Consultations. Associated Students has partnered with CLC Legal Plans Incorporated to provide FREE legal and financial services to enrolled … read more

17. Is a free consultation with an attorney protected by confidentiality ……/is-a-free-consultation-with-an-attorney-protected– 3337959.html

Jan 9, 2018 Yes, that discussion is confidential. Even if you don't actually hire the attorney, anything disclosed in anticipation of an attorney-client … read more

18. Articles – State Bar of Texas…cfm…

It is common for lawyers to have informal lawyer-to-lawyer consultations … by informal consultation is the inquiring lawyer's duty of confidentiality. read more

19. Is Everything I Tell My Criminal Defense Lawyer Confidential?| Law ……/is-everything-i-tell-my-criminal- defense-lawyer-/

May 22, 2021 How Does the Attorney-Client Privilege Work in Criminal Cases? · A court order requires the attorney to reveal confidential consultation with … read more

20. Confidential Consultation – Divorce Lawyer

Family Law Attorney Melinda M. Previtera handles divorce and other family law matters for clients in the greater Philadelphia and South Jersey areas. read more

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