Art · February 26, 2021 0

A Sculptural Tower Of Bamboo Has Been Installed In Beijing

AntiStatics Architecture has designed a bamboo tower installation named “Woven Grove”, that was exhibited at Design China Beijing 2019.

The installation is an exploration of the inherent material behaviors of bamboo and has been inspired by the craft-based practice of weaving.

Photography by Design China

As the properties of bamboo are highly pliable and flexible, they were able to weave the pieces together to create a highly rigid and lightweight structure.

Photography by Design China

The designers used customized artificial intelligence algorithms as a means of generating the form, before creating small scale models from the same material, that would allow them to see how the bamboo would react before creating the full-scale version. They then created the installation in sections, which were then fastened together on-site.

Photography by AntiStatics Architecture

You can learn more about the design process and creation of ‘Woven Grove’ by watching the following video.

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Video credits: Martin Miller, Theodorius E. D. Santoso | Firm: AntiStatics Architecture | Lead Architects: Martin Miller, Mo Zheng | Team: Yoyo Li, Zhong Xin, Luke Theodorius Erick DWI, Amber Zhu, Christopher Beckett, Yasser Hafizs, Annie Liu, Arthur Yang