Interiors · February 26, 2021 0

A Desk Was Built Under The Stairs As Part Of The Remodel Of This Loft Apartment

Design firm Creative Union Network, has completed the renovation of a loft apartment in Toronto, Canada, for a family with two young children.

Included in the design of the updated apartment is a small desk area built under the stairs.

By adding a desk underneath the stairs, it transforms a normally empty space into a functioning area of the home.

The desk has been designed with a simple wood tabletop, while multiple cabinets and a shelf add storage elements, helping to keep the space organized.

The desk also complements the wood shelves on either side of the nearby fireplace.

The apartment also includes a black modern kitchen, a strong contrast to the white walls and wood accents found in the home.

The minimalist black kitchen cabinets with a matte finish create a sleek and bold look, while the wood floor and island front adds a warmth to the space.

The mostly hardware-free cabinets are also present on a coffee station and pantry zone. There’s also a single strip of lighting that’s been built into the ceiling and runs the length of the kitchen.

Photography by Riley Snelling | Design: Creative Union Network