7 Ideas For Making Your Laundry Room More Organized


While some find doing laundry to be relaxing, others find it mundane and time consuming. Regardless of how you see it, doing laundry is a necessary job. And, to help make it more enjoyable for everyone, we’ve come up with 7 ideas that will help you organize and arrange your laundry room situation so that you can cut down on the amount of time you spend washing, drying, and hanging.


1. Install Plently Of Shelving

This shelving unit is customizable with racks and shelves that can be placed at multiple levels depending on what you need to have easily accessible. It’s also a great option in smaller spaces where you’ll really benefit from being able to use the space above the washer and dryer.

7 Ideas For Making Your Laundry Room More Organized // Built-In shelving provides plenty of storage.

ALGOT Drying Unit from IKEA

2. Conceal It In A Closet

If you lack the space to be able to dedicate an entire room to your laundry, consider putting it in a closet. It makes it easier to conceal, takes up much less space, and lets you keep all your cleaning supplies in the same convenient spot.

7 Ideas For Making Your Laundry Room More Organized // Conceal It In A Closet - if you don't have much room, hide your laundry in a closet so that you can close the doors when not in use.

Designed by NORTHBOURNE Architecture + Design. Photography by Eve Wilson.

3. Label Everything

There’s no easier way to stay organized than with everything labelled and in its place. With containers clearly labelled, you’ll always know where everything is and when it’s time to stock up.

7 Ideas For Making Your Laundry Room More Organized / Label Everything - make sure all of the laundry items have a place so that is no second guessing where something is.

Inspiration and photography by Crazy Together

4. Make Use Of All The Space

If you have tall ceilings, make use of that space with hanging racks. It’ll allow your laundry to air dry faster and keeps your clean things off the floor.

7 Ideas For Making Your Laundry Room More Organized // Make Use Of Vertical Space - don't just think about having lower cabinets, include upper cabinets and even install a shower rod to hang your delicate clothes on while they dry.

Designed by barlow reid design inc. Photography by Kerri Torrey Photography.

5. Have A Spot For Lost Socks

It seems that nearly every time a load of laundry goes through the cycle, there’s one sock that gets eaten during the process. It usually turns up later, but until it does, keep the other sock in a place where you’ll be sure to find it.

7 Ideas For Making Your Laundry Room More Organized // Have A Place For Lost Socks - dedicate a space where you can keep socks until you find their partner.

Laundry room wall art by Studio120Underground

6. Foldable Drying Rack

If a permanent hanging rack isn’t possible in your space, a foldable one may be a better solution. When they aren’t in use they hardly take up any space, they’re a great way to save on energy bills and they let you air dry your clothes even on rainy cold days.

7 Ideas For Making Your Laundry Room More Organized // Having a foldable drying rack makes it easy to dry delicate items, and when not in use, it can be neatly tucked away.

MULIG Drying Rack by IKEA

7. Sort Your Laundry

Minimize the amount of time you have to spend in the laundry room by pre-sorting your laundry. A three-in-one hamper easily lets you toss colors in one bin, darks in another, and whites in the last, making it easy to dump in a load and get on to the next thing.

7 Ideas For Making Your Laundry Room More Organized // Sort Your Laundry - having a place to quickly sort your laundry before washing it makes it easy to see if you have enough for a full load in the washer.

3-bag laundry-sorting cart by Wayfair

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7 Ideas To Make Your Laundry Room More Organized

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