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40+ Modern Christmas Gift Ideas For Friends And Family

40+ Modern Christmas Gift Ideas For Friends And Family

Shopping for family and friends can sometimes be hard. To make the hunt a little easier we’ve created a gift guide that has some of the most minimal, modern, and contemporary gifts.

From jewelry and bags to wooden toys and home decor, this guide will make sure you find something for all the modern people in your life.

Table of Contents

Gifts For Women

Gift Idea - 14K Solid Gold Bar Necklace

Find It Here > 14K Solid Gold Bar Necklace by CustomEliteJewelry

Gift Idea - Gold Hair Clip

Find It Here > Gold Hair Clip by annielesperance

Gift Idea - Modern Earrings

Find It Here > Modern Earrings by Sage & Olivia

Gift Idea - The COWRIE Infinity Necklace

Find It Here > The COWRIE Infinity Necklace by OmiWoods

Gift Idea - Walnut Women’s Watch

Find It Here > Walnut Women’s Watch by AngieWoodCreationsCo

Gift Idea - Peppermint Chamomile Self Care Gift Set

Find It Here > Peppermint Chamomile Self Care Gift Set by BethAndOliviasMarket

Gifts For Men

Gift Idea - Leather Bracelet

Find It Here > Leather Bracelet by ZOZiJewelry

Gift Idea - Zebrawood Men’s Watch

Find It Here > Zebrawood Men’s Watch by AngieWoodCreationsCo

Gift Idea - Pamper Hamper for Men

Find It Here > Pamper Hamper for Men by MyMimiStar

Gift Idea - Vetiver & Spruce Beard Kit

Find It Here > Vetiver & Spruce Beard Kit by TheWillowsBarkshop

Gift Idea - Gin Making Kit

Find It Here > Gin Making Kit by MuddyBootsHerbalTeas

Gifts For Kids

Gift Idea - Pastel Balancing Stones

Find It Here > Pastel Balancing Stones by HappyLittleFolks

Gift Idea - A DIY Dollhouse Kit

Find It Here > A DIY Dollhouse Kit by MichuThings

Gift Ideas - Modern Wood Toys

Find It Here > Modern Wood Toys by tateplota

Gift Idea - Wood Play Kitchen

Find It Here > Wood Play Kitchen by MIDMINI

Gift Ideas - Wood Memory Games

Find It Here > Wood Memory Games by WoodContourCanada

Bags And Backpacks

Gift Idea - Leather Duffle Bag

Find It Here > Leather Duffle Bag by USALeatherShop

Gift Idea - Black Leather Weekend Bag

Find It Here > Black Leather Weekend Bag by MAHILeather

Gift Idea -Dopp Travel Kit

Find It Here > Dopp Kit by CKRLeather

Gift Idea - Vegan Leather Shoulder Bag

Find It Here > Vegan Leather Shoulder Bag by RedMaus

Gift Idea - Natural Cork Backpack

Find It Here > Natural Cork Backpack by KindlyFree

Home Office

Gift Idea - Ceramic pen pot

Find It Here > Ceramic pen pot by AnnieCeramic

Gift Idea - White Terrazzo Phone Stand

Find It Here > White Terrazzo Phone Stand by LisaAngelLtd

Gift Idea - Desk Organizer

Find It Here > Desk Organizer by StandoutEDC

Gift Idea - Leather Travel Tech Organizer

Find It Here > Leather Travel Tech Organizer by USALeatherShop

Gift Idea - 4 in 1 Desk Organizer

Find It Here > 4 in 1 Desk Organizer by WINETS

Gift Idea - Cable Organizer

Find It Here > Cable Organizer by CitySheep

Gift Idea - Leather desk pad for a home office.

Find It Here > Leather Desk Pad by Northwind Supply

Home Decor

Gift Idea - Modern vases and baskets.

Find It Here > Home decor by Melanie Abrantes

Gift Idea - Chunky Knit Blanket

Find It Here > Chunky Knit Blanket by ShepsWool

Gift Idea - White Minimalist Bisque Vases

Find It Here > White Minimalist Bisque Vases by EverDreamCraft

Gift Idea - Succulent Cactus Candle

Find It Here > Succulent Cactus Candle by ZOETSTUDIO

Gift Idea - Wooden Family Portrait

Find It Here > Family Portrait by GluePaperScissors

Gift Idea - Hanging Ceramic Planter

Find It Here > Hanging Ceramic Planter (Terracotta) by NoaRazerStudio

Gift Idea - Mid Century Modern Mountain Wall Art Prints

Find It Here > Mid Century Modern Mountain Wall Prints by HELLSTROMprints

Gift Idea - Minimalist Metal Wall Clock

Find It Here > Minimalist Metal Wall Clock by Artepera

Host Gifts

Gift Idea - Ridgeway Mod Geometric Candle

Find It Here > Ridgeway Mod Geometric Candle by vital

Gift Idea - Aromatherapy Gift Box

Find It Here > Aromatherapy Gift Box by The Fern Planet

Gift Idea - Macaron Candles

Find It Here > Macaron Candle Trio by ZOETSTUDIO

Gift Idea - Artisan Soap

Find It Here > Artisan Soap by BotanyBarnCanada

Gift Idea - Modern black leather wine tote for two.

Find It Here > Double Wine Tote by Northwind Supply