Do you like to gather with your family just to tell stories while burning sausages and barbecue? Well if you have space on your home yard, like the idea to build an outdoor kitchen is necessary for you to have. Outdoor kitchen with a small bar design with simple seating is not a problem to get together with family and friends while telling you can cook and enjoy dinner there.

If you are worried about protecting your new project from the elements, this list has the idea of an outdoor kitchen with windows and roofs that can be opened and permanently; You can enjoy it in any weather! Some of these kitchens have fun features that will make your page unique to a pizza oven and a fire pit. All your family, neighbors and office friends can invite you to barbecue, it will look very harmonious and sober.

Especially when cold weather like winter is coming soon, of course, outdoor kitchen idea can be the best choice for you while you drink tea and grilled sausage you can also warm the body with an additional simple fire pit that you can make from a pile of brick or the remaining milk cans that are no longer used. Cheap but very useful.

Idea Outdoor Kitchen On a Budget 03
Idea Outdoor Kitchen On a Budget 03

We collect ideas and drawings of outdoor kitchen that you can sample for your home and of course, you should adjust to your budget, not too big, not too fancy but beautiful and can make added value for your home.

Picture gallery above are some outdoor kitchen ideas that can help you create a beautiful outdoor kitchen. There are many more designs and ideas that you can find on the web, but the core concepts of all designs are almost identical because they all look pretty.