The bohemian loft bedroom is probably a unique idea. What is usually an attic becomes a warehouse, okay this time we will share the bohemian loft bedroom design ideas with you. But usually, the attic becomes one of the parts of the house that is often neglected. Its narrow place forms a triangular cone on the ceiling, making this area less comfortable to inhabit. So the loft is often used as a storage area like a warehouse. In fact, you can also turn it into a comfortable bedroom. One of them is by adding a glass window to increase the proportion of incoming light so that it is brighter.

If you have an attic in your home with strong permanent floor supports, try modifying it with several bedrooms on the roof. Make sure the height of the roof of your house has a 50 percent slope limit which is the standard for turning your attic into a comfortable bedroom. In our opinion, utilizing the empty space on the roof as a bed is a brilliant idea. Besides being able to maximize all parts of the house, the presence of rooms in the attic gives a unique and interesting impression on your home! Take a peek of inspiration here, let’s go!

Below Are 17 Incredible Bohemian Loft Bedroom Design Ideas For Cozy Sleep Inspiration

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