Home design is one of the most interesting and most sought-after topics by most people today. Moreover, as we know today, the condition of land in urban areas has narrowed, so that it must maximize the space to build a building. Most in urban areas have now begun to carry out or apply the concept of a building with a modern minimalist style. There are even models of vintage style houses.

This vintage home style also has a distinctive characteristic from other home models. Maybe not many have applied this one-home style concept. However, if you want to build a building with different characteristics it seems that a building model like this is very appropriate for you to try.

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14 Vintage Home Architecture Ideas

1. Vintage-style home terrace

Vintage-style terrace with a dominance of masts and fences of white wood. Complete your terrace with furniture in the form of chairs with sofas and rattan tables to fill the room. You can sweeten it with hanging incandescent lamps, carpets, and ceramic flower pot decorations.
01 Vintage style home terrace 01 Source corechangecincy com
Vintage style home terrace 01 – Source: corechangecincy.com
01 Vintage style home terrace 02 Source galeriemagazine com
Vintage style home terrace 02 – Source: galeriemagazine.com

2. Vintage-style living room

You can use the design ideas below to make your living room vintage style. Choosing the right color is also an important thing to consider in making this vintage-style living room. You can use green, white, pink, brown, and orange.
02 Vintage style living room 01 Source hgtvhome com
Vintage style living room 01 – Source: hgtvhome.com
02 Vintage style living room 02 Source lanewstalk com
Vintage style living room 02 – Source: lanewstalk.com

3. Vintage style kitchen

This kitchen has a white base color that dominates. This basic white color makes the 1920′s Historic Kitchen feel free and spacious. The appeal of this type of vintage kitchen is a window with black steel material, to a thick iron spindle that coats. The use of wood flooring is also a major characteristic of this vintage 20s kitchen.
03 Vintage style kitchen 01 source photos hgtv com
Vintage style kitchen 01 – source: photos.hgtv.com
03 Vintage style kitchen 02 source brilio net
Vintage style kitchen 02 – source: brilio.net

4. Vintage-style family room

To make a vintage-style family room that is using soft colors like turquoise green and white to organize the family room. After that, place some wood furniture. This vintage-style family room is perfect for relaxing while enjoying a cup of warm tea with a few snacks.
04 Vintage style family room 01 source pinterest com
Vintage style family room 01 – source: pinterest.com
04 Vintage style family room 02 source homesthetics net
Vintage style family room 02 – source: homesthetics.net

5. Vintage-style dining room

No need to worry if the chairs that you have different models and colors because that is what will be of more value than the design of a vintage dining room. Simply complete the antique chairs that you have with a vintage-style dining table and perfect it with a variety of old-fashioned decorations.
05 Vintage style dining room 01 source pinterest com
Vintage style dining room 01 – source: pinterest.com
05 Vintage style dining room 02 source houzz com
Vintage style dining room 02 – source: houzz.com

6. Vintage bedroom

Paint with bright colors or pastels for your room’s walls. You can also add fresh plants in the corners of the room. The carpet spread on the floor of the room can also bring its own vintage impression.
06 Vintage bedroom 01 source gravityhomeblog com
Vintage bedroom 01 – source: gravityhomeblog.com
06 Vintage bedroom 02 source urbanlife gr
Vintage bedroom 02 – source: urbanlife.gr

7. Vintage style bathroom

Tiles on vintage bathroom designs are generally patterned geometry. You can select several color combinations that can be arranged into a mosaic. Add a wooden table as a place to store towels and toiletries.
You can put a mirror on the wall facing to make it look more luxurious and spacious. In addition, it’s best not to apply a lot of wall decoration to the design of a vintage bathroom.
07 Vintage style bathroom 01 source pinterest com
Vintage style bathroom 01 – source: pinterest.com
07 Vintage style bathroom 02 source domino com
Vintage style bathroom 02 – source: domino.com

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