There are days when we all wish to come back to a home that’s cool, dark and comfortable. There are days when we don’t want to leave our home but simply retreat back and relish into the cozy interiors of our quiet, dark bedrooms. Dark bedrooms get a negative connotation of being dull, murky and gloomy, but not for all. Some people just can’t get enough of their dark bedrooms.

These innovative ideas to design your dark Bedroom will sweep you off your feet

  1. Inky black with White Bed in the middle

These Inky black indoors with a cozy glowing white bed in the middle will instantly uplift you after a tiresome day at work.

dark bedroom ideas

inky black bedroom

Inky Black bedroom with the white bed at the center. The white bed at the center not only stands out but also welcomes you to bask in itself.

 dark bedroom ideas The warm and cozy interiors of this dramatic dark black room with white trims is about cocooning yourself in an environment where comfort meets quality and where luxury resonates.

      2. Dark Panelling and Books

Fake Book Wallpaper

wallpaper with fake books creates an ambiance of opulence mixed with luxury. The clever use of handicrafts gives the feel of inspirations and motivations in this dark colored room. A perfect setting to inspire you every morning to rise and shine brightly.

ideas to decorate your room

3. Use Bold Indigo The color Blue pronounces serenity and aids a night of restful sleep. 

Shimmery Blue along with brown, white and orange accents creates a charming ambiance for work and play! The use of white hanging lamps add to the beautiful nature inspired color combinations to inspire love and luxury. The silent transparent side table and chair gives a chic touch to this abode. The smart use of wood for the wall behind the bed, table, and bookshelf is the classic trick to calm down the warm palette.

The bold use of Indigo creates a classy and sleep-inducing atmosphere. The use of chunky knits, Damask prints, and patterned cushions adds to the cozy feel of this room.

4.Gentleman’s – club tone

Use this classy combination of black and gray to add a touch of gentleman’s aristocracy into your bedroom. The striking full-length windows make a perfect lens through which dreams are captured.


5.Dark walls with reflecting surfaces and jewel tones

Creativity has its own pleasures. Black and Gold always is a show-stopper. Use this color combination to add affluence and comfort into your bedrooms.

Dwell in simple finesse with a spread of dignified designs.

6.Chocolate Brown Walls

The stunning chocolate brown walls will make you feel special and soothe your senses.

A perfect blend of interiors will make sure you have the most relaxing sleep in these rooms.

Go for white or off-white accents to add a chic look to your room. This defines the art of stylish living in your bedroom.

7. Gray walls

These steel gray interiors serve as an emblem of elegance and luxury. Though the tone might make one feel in an inhospitable environment a clever mixture of texture and design can lift your mood up in this room.

ideas to decorate your bedroom

In this room, the eccentric blend of sophisticated steel gray and youthful fuschia, create a relaxing and rejuvenating ambiance for you. The playful patterns in the curtains add joy in the poised atmosphere of this room. The fuschia checkered chairs, cushions and flowers incorporate the breath of vibrancy in this classy palette.

8. Use Navy Blue, Salad Green, and White

This off-beat combination of soothing white with elegant navy blue

and classic salad green will amplify the coziness of your bedroom. This combination of dark colors will ensure you get a deep sleep.

Dark bedroom ideas

Navy Blue, Salad Green and white combo in the bedroom

Your home should tell a story of who you are, and a collection of what you love.

9. Use the youthful combo of orange and black in your gray room to lift up your mood.

This exotic combination of colors will add vitality and vibrancy right into your bedroom. Feel the freshness of these colors as you wake up from your deep slumber. The white curtains and tricolored walls will fill you with inspiration and stimulation.

dark bedroom ideAS

orange and black bedroom

Outfit your bedroom with elegant set and feel the taste of tranquility.

dark bedrooms ideas

orange and black bedrooms

This picturesque bedroom with a blend of texture and color adds worth and confidence into this space.

10. Warm Orange combined with Cyan Blue

Arrive and revive. Refresh your senses in this stunning bedroom with orange and cyan wallpaper that reflects freedom of mind and creativity. The printed orange and black cushions set a perfect ambiance where plush meets with the bubbles of invigorating joy.

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This bedroom aptly defines that luxury is comfort unadorned. A  quintessential urban retreat to rejuvenate and inspire you with the classic old world charm of wooden walls.

11.white and orange

Home is a celebration of who you are. Sprightly colored orange walls with white trims.

12.Emerald Green

Home is a tranquil environment. A collection of memories, happy or sad, dark or sprightly.

This urban retreat in Emerald Green combined with beige and white curtains and rug is synonymous with luxury and comfort.

13. Dark Violet

Dark colors give your bedroom an elegant boudoir that is both restful and dramatic.

Violet or Deep Blue on large surface areas create a sense of intimacy that can be balanced out by layering with bedroom accessories in muted shades of gray or black.

Shiny surfaces such as silver or bronze also pair well with this color palette to give you that plush and restful ambiance.

So, these were some of the best Dark Bedroom decor ideas. Hope you liked it. Read more ideas on Home improvement and decor on my website. Until next time!

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