Christmas is just not complete unless you decorate your home for the holidays. Are you struggling to put up a Christmas decor just because you have a small apartment? Well, don’t worry, there are plenty of amazing ways in which you can decorate your small space for Christmas as well. Like you can replace the Christmas tree with an Alternative Christmas tree. For Alternative Christmas Tree you can try a Wall Christmas tree or a Wooden Board Christmas Tree. If this sounds too much, then you can go for small Christmas trees or try a minimal Christmas tree decor so that it gives the idea of a huge space. You can also try slim pre lit Artificial Christmas trees. For your Christmas home decor, you can put up some Tinsel garlands and decorate your walls for Christmas. You can also decorate your center table and side table tops with Candles or just use clear glass vases and fill it with ornaments and some lights. It’s like the easiest way to decorate for the holidays. Or use your leftover Christmas ornaments and fill a Cake stand with it. This is the easiest DIY Christmas centrepiece. Christmas decoration on a budget is actually quite easy only if you know the quick tips and tricks. You can also use your wine glasses as candle holders. So, without further ado, let us check out these Christmas decor for Small Apartment ideas below.

Christmas Decor for Small Apartment

#1. DIY Clay Star Ornament for Christmas Tree By Homey Oh My 

#2. Elegant Christmas Centerpiece under $5 By Hike N Dip

#2. Old Ladder decor and Christmas Tree with no ornaments | Source

#3. Christmas Candle decor | Source

#4. Small Christmas Tree for Bedroom By Homey oh My 

#5. Minimal Christmas Tree | Source unknown found on Pinterest

#6. Coolest Christmas lantern Decoration By Hike N Dip

christmas lantern

#6. Slim Christmas Tree for home By J A C L Y N on Instagram


#8. Paper Christmas Tree | Source

#9. Christmas Garland for the Staircase by Centsational Girl

#10. Minimalist Christmas tree decor | Source

#11. Small Christmas Tree in Glass Tumblers | Source

#12. Christmas decor with star and lights by Kirsten on Instagram 

#13. Christmas decor with Lanterns and Stars | Source

#14. Alternative Christmas Tree for the Wall | Source

#15. Black Stars Christmas home decor | Source

#16. Wine Glasses Candle Holder | Source

#17. Blue Ornaments Coastal Christmas home decor | Source

#18. Candles and Ornaments Centerpiece | Source

#19. Small Christmas Tree | Source

#20. Wood Slices Christmas Centerpiece | Source

#21. Natural Christmas Wreath | Source

#22. Christmas Garland for Staircase railing | Source

#23. White, Silver ,Wood and Gold Christmas Tree | Source

#24. Leaves Snowflake for Window Shutter | Source

#25. Christmas Garland with Ornaments | Source

#26. Christmas decoration in Apothecary Jar  | Source

#27. Wooden Pallet Christmas Tree by Homely Tw

#28. Wooden Branches Wall Christmas Tree | SOurce

#29. Wooden Board Christmas Tree | Source

#30. Wall decor for Christmas | Source

#31. Plaid Ribbons Christmas Tree | Source

#32. Burlap Ribbons Christmas Tree | Source

#33. Ribbons Christmas Tree | Source

#34. Christmas decor in vintage lantern | Source

#35. Floating Christmas Candles | Source

#36. Red, Gold and Green Ornaments Tree | Source

#37. Ornaments Christmas Tree (Ornaments stuck on a cone) | Source

#38. Cozy Buffalo Check Christmas Stockings By Hobby Lobby

#39. Cute Christmas Decor By Lydia Louise on Instagram

#40. Buffalo Plaid Christmas decor by Anna & Anne on Instagram

#41. Plaid Christmas Table setting | Source

#42. Bowed Cabinets By Lakeside 

#43. Ornaments and Mesh Ribbon wreath for Cabinet | Source

#44. Ornaments Window decor | Source

#45. Ornaments Wall decor | Source

#46. Dry Branches Christmas Tree | Source

#47. Red and Silver Ornaments in Glass vase | Source

#48. Christmas Gift Bags in a branch | Source

#49. Plaid Christmas home decor | Source

#50. Buffalo Plaid Christmas Tablescape | Source

#51. Colorful Christmas Mantel decor | Source

#52. Paper Angel for Christmas Tree | Source

#53. Christmas Cones Centerpiece | Source

#54. Yarn Christmas Tree | Source

#55. Cone Christmas Tree with Beads | Source

#56. Christmas Centerpiece with Candle and Ribbon | Source

#57. Candle decor for Christmas | Source

#58. Christmas Candle decor | Source

#59. Holiday Lantern decor | Source

#60. Felt Wall Christmas Tree By Studio DIY 

#61. Gold and Silver Ornaments in vase | Source

#62. Gold and Green Mantel decor By Balsam Hill

#63. Reindeer Wreath by View Along the Way

#64. Snowy Pinecone Candle Jar By Crafts By Amanda

#65. Buffalo Plaid Mason Jars | Source

#66. Christmas Reindeer and Forest in a Jar | Source

#67. Fish Bowl Christmas centerpiece By Decorandoseuespaco on Pinterest

#68. Candle decor By Joann

#69. Picture frame decor | Source

#70. White and Gold Christmas Tree By Christmas Decors

#71. Christmas Flower Vase decor | SOurce

#72. Small Glass centerpiece | SOurce

#73. Floating wine glass decor | SOurce

#74. Easy Glass vase decor with Ornaments | Source

#75. Christmas ornaments in a vase | Source

#76. Christmas Boot Centerpiece | Source

#77. Christmas Table Centerpiece with Lights and Ornaments | Source

#78. Cozy Christmas Candle decor | Source

#79. Wine Bottle Craft | Source

#80. Small Christmas Centerpiece | Source

#81. Ornaments in Glass Vase | SOurce

#82. Mason Jar decor with Berries | Source

#83. Wall Christmas Tree | Source

#84. Alternative Christmas Tree on a cup | Source

#85. Cozy Christmas Decor | Source

#86. Gift Boxes Christmas Tree | Source

#87. Wall Christmas Tree decor | Source

#88. Christmas Fish Bowl DIY Snowman | Source

#89. Winter Park in A Fish Bowl | Source

#90. Christmas Village in Jars | Source

#91. Christmas Tree out of Photos | SOurce

#92. Cute Christmas Wreath | Source

#93. Christmas Village | Source

#94. Let it snow Christmas frame | Source

#95. Photos Christmas tree for Wall | Source

#96. Christmas Card Wall Christmas Tree | Source

#97. Tinsel Garland Christmas Tree for wall | Source

#98. Wall Christmas Tree | Source

#99. Glass Vase decor with Topiaries and lights | Source

#100. Pallet Wood Christmas Tree for Outdoor | Source

So, these were some of the Best Christmas decor for Small Apartment ideas. I hope you liked them.

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