The top part of the fireplace where we usually place our clocks, maybe family pictures, some vases or candles or even plants. Mantels not only add chic to your apartment but also go ahead and speak volumes about your creativity.We adore a well-styled and accessorized fireplace mantle. The more layers, the charming the finished product. One of my favorite mantel decorating ideas is to layer varying sizes of framed or unframed art decoratively on the mantle. You don’t always have to hang. If you do, don’t hang frames too high. Just a few inches above the mantel is the ideal height. Another fireplace mantel prettifying tip is to hang numerous sizes and shapes of mirrors instead of just one. Apart from that, there are numerous fireplace and mantle decorating festive ideas that you can use too. Its always wise too take good care of your fireplace with your creativity. Your outdoor porch mantel deserves your love too!

The following myriad of pictures here for you ranges from the traditional designs of fireplaces to the contemporary and even something quite à la mode of it’s kind. They vary from different colors, materials and aura. It is even amusing how our mantels can look all the same and it is just really the fireplace that looks different or unusual. Let’s have a quick view of the fireplaces’ mantels we have here.

1) à la mode

Walk into these quintessential fireplaces into your room and you are sure to get revived.

A stylish new age fireplace to astound your friends and family.

Contemorary fireplace with elegant vase with the backdrop of glossy white painted walls

2)Family Room

A colossal living room with a snazzy fireplace and a mantel is pretty much something anyone would like to have.

3)Timeless Appeal

Another modular fireplace sample. This time, the mantel is beige and is convincingly a grandeur beneath the gray walls. It gives an appealing contrast to each other.

4)Mantel of a true craftsman

This is one customizable fireplace that anyone can purchase and get for their homes! Dark wood is another classic piece like the white fireplace.

A mantel usually has frames, vases and even candles on top of it.

5)Ancestral Elegance

An aesthetic fireplace with a contrasting color for a mantel is sure to be an eye-turner in your home.Frames, figurines and vases are must-haves for this one!

6)Family friendly Living Room

One fetching living room made snugy by the fireplace – which by the way also festoons the room with splendour along with the graceful mantel

7)Christmas carnations

Red carnation wreaths look elegant over this Christmas mantel. To make fresh wreaths, soak a florist’s foam shape in water. Trim carnation stems to about 3 inches and insert into forms; you’ll need about 50 carnations for a 12-inch diameter wreath. You can also craft pretty—and long-lasting—wreaths with artificial flowers.

Accent with containers of shiny red and green ornaments along your mantel.

8)Lantern Collection

Candles used to adorn a fireplace with a vintage theme.Wooden logs place in stylish glasses topped with candles.

Accentuate the charm of vintage lanterns with pinecones, candles, greens and a drawing of Santa.

9)La la la

Cover your mantel with fresh evergreen branches and hang two types of ornaments on sheer white ribbon:

clear plastic ornaments that you fill with strips of metallic gold foil and large circular chalkboard ornaments. If you can’t find any chalkboard ornaments, you can always make your own by applying green chalkboard paint to wood or cardboard. Remove ornaments before using the fireplace and rehang them when you’re finished.

10)Book lovers mantel

Reuse old or damaged books to create this magnificent Christmas mantel project. Wrap an old box in book pages and tie on a simple bow. Add sparkle with glittery ornaments.

11)Get playful

Vibrant and vivid colors on packages, ornaments, garlands and more create a partylike atmosphere. Hang gift box lids covered with wrapping paper, bows and colorful tags. Stack coordinating packages on the mantel. Polka-dot ornaments mix with garlands made of beads and translucent disks found at party stores. “Ho-Ho-Ho” stockings add to the fun.

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