Halloween celebrations are always related to something creepy, dark, and mysterious. In foreign countries, there are still many people who welcome Halloween celebrations at the end of October, 31 October.

To welcome Halloween, some people usually enthusiastically decorate their homes with Halloween paraphernalia. The most visible feature is to decorate the house with a bright orange pumpkin formed with certain characters.

Scary Halloween Decoration
Scary Halloween Decoration

In addition to pumpkin, other Halloween ornaments that are black, silver and gold, the image of a black cat and black spider usually decorate a house that celebrates Halloween.

1. Decorating the Halloween Dining Table

Welcome guests who come with a Halloween dining table arrangement. You can use a white tablecloth filled with a number of typical Halloween ornaments. Like a pumpkin, black flowers, until the tarantula-shaped decoration is black. Besides being unique, the table with tarantula decoration looks terrible.

Halloween Table
Halloween Table – Source: foodanddine.com
Black And White Dining Room
Black And White Dining Room – Source: decorativeview.com

2. Halloween Garage Door

If you have a plain garage door that is idle at home, you can decorate it for Halloween with the motives of two witches complete with a skillet to make magic potions. In addition, you can also add other motives that can be frightening.

Halloween garage door
Halloween garage door – Source: weetube.club
Feet Garage Door Great Home
Feet Garage Door Great Home – Source: asconcorp.com

3. Halloween Wall Decoration

Want to make the atmosphere in the house look tense? Install a black and white photo gallery with a black frame. Not only that, but you can also decorate the walls of your home with something frightening.

Horror wall decoration
Horror wall decoration – Source: horror-shop.com
Halloween Witch Giant Wall Decals
Halloween Witch Giant Wall Decals – Source: costumetop.com

4. Typical Halloween Serving

Serve Halloween snacks or special foods in different ways. With a frightening atmosphere, certainly, the food served will be more interesting if presented with a Halloween dish.

Imports Skeleton Hands
Imports Skeleton Hands – Source: pinterest.ru
Halloween Sangria
Halloween Sangria – Source: theseasonedmom.com

5. Halloween fruit

Halloween doesn’t just have to be creepy, it can also come with an adorable sweet atmosphere. For a more cute Halloween atmosphere, try ornamental pumpkin fruit with a mixture of other fruits to be frightening.

Halloween fruit
Halloween fruit – Source: simplebrunchideas.com
Halloween Fruit Cups
Halloween Fruit Cups – Source: pinmash.com

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