Beautiful winter scenery, including the Christmas scene. The plants you plant in your yard can make a big difference, completing the visual interest that you achieve through outdoor Christmas decorations. When you think of plants that are good for winter landscapes, what might appear first is evergreens, like the most famous plants in the Christmas tradition.

But don’t think that fallen leaves and trees are useless for Christmas decorations. You can decorate trees outside your house in various ways, one of them by using beautiful colorful lights. The light from these lights can be a light source as well as a beautiful color maker outside your home.

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Here are some decorating ideas for the Christmas yard in your home:

1. Simple Wooden Deer

Making artificial deer from used logs can be an interesting idea in your Christmas garden.

1 simple wooden deer
simple wooden deer

2. Cute Ginger Cake Dolls

If you know the cute and adorable gingerbread master animated characters can make it as a welcome guest outside the house.

2 Cute Ginger Cake Dolls
2 Cute Ginger Cake Dolls

3. Starlight Outside the Home

The design of garden lights can be one of the attractions of our families.

3 Starlight Outside the Home
3 Starlight Outside the Home

4. Hanging Fir Leaf

Hanging the arrangement of pine leaves which is the core of Christmas day, will trigger beauty and comfort in our home.

4 Hanging Fir Leaf
Hanging Fir Leaf

5. Winter Flower Pot

Winter flower pots are really necessary, because where winter flowers are very much looking forward.

5 Winter Flower Pot
Winter Flower Pot

6. Directions for Santa

Making a road sign for Santa can be a great idea for decorating a page when winter comes.

6 Directions for Santa
Directions for Santa

7. Candy Lights

Christmas, which is synonymous with gifts, is the emergence of candy lights that are just right to try.

7 Candy Lights
Candy Lights

8. Simple Greeting Board

Christmas welcome boards can be a unique idea on your page.

8 Simple Greeting Board
Simple Greeting Board

9. Santa Squad

Make Santa dolls and show them on your homepage, hoping Santa sees and visits your home with great gifts.

9 Santa Squad
Santa Squad

10. Frozen Hanging Pot with Lights

A frozen hanging pot on the front porch can become even more beautiful with the addition of small decorative lights that surround it.

10 Frozen Hanging Pot with Lights
Frozen Hanging Pot with Lights

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